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Product Development

Products that deliver a clear competitive advantage

& Rapid learning cycles
Industrial design
& Engineering
& Testing
& Compliance

Develop products that create a clear competitive advantage, are desirable, reliable, economic to manufacture, and resilient. Resilience is a necessary in todays’ uncertain business environment.

Our clients benefit from working with us as trusted advisors that provide clear opinions and meaningfully engage in technical discussions leveraging our own engineering and technology development background.

Shared Office
Other services & capabilities

We create a range of directions balanced in

short-medium-long term, evolutionary vs revolutionary concepts. All are illustrated

to highlight the user benefit

Intellectual property

We help devise a  strong IP strategy to protect your ideas and block competitors . We help with patent figures, invention description so that your patent attorney can work efficiently

Inventive problem solving

We examine governing physics, alternative problem statements, solutions in other industries, and use most suitable ideation tools to find promising solutions

Portfolio planning & Product strategy

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