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It is all about the overall user experience including emotional aspects, ergonomics, intuitive use, and communication of the right messages at every stage of interaction with the product. Good design pays attention to every detail from a user perspective with a complete and holistic consideration of all other aspects including of course superior performance, visual differentiation, cost, and robustness.

A key consideration in industrial design is always the target audience. We therefore pay attention both to

understand the needs and preferences of the target audience and to minimise our own biases.


Good design delivers a product that does the job well. Good design creates positive associations and feelings.

Good design is simple and elegant. Good design is simple and intuitive.


To ensure that the design corresponds to the needs and preferences of the target audience, we generate a plurality of alternatives which we test with users. This tests may be sketches, high quality renderings of physical mock-ups at an

exterior finish capable of creating a genuine impression of the actual product.


BREEZY - Clean the airways and help stay clean through the night

ANOPRO - Easy pre-screening examination for anorectal conditions

The ANOPRO system is a revolutionary new product for entry into the disposable anoscope market. The product is intended for prescreening patients with anorectal disorders while enabling doctors to provide a quick, easy, and comfortable office examination. This new product solution will generate and maintain digital records in the form of digital images and videos for each patient.


The ANOPRO system will be used in a prescreening process and is not a substitute for colonoscopy or high resolution anoscopy (HRA). The vast majority of patients that experience some blood in their feces or anus, usually suffer from harmless hemorrhoids. There is no need to subject these patients, if they are under 45, to a highly invasive, time consuming, and expensive, procedure. A simple prescreening procedure benefit to patients, doctors, and national health systems.


ANOPRO is a novel, wireless, dual-camera anoscope, designed with increased patient comfort in mind. With today’s anoscopes, rectal examinations are awkward, both for patients and doctors. By using micro-cameras, ANOPRO allows the quick collection of high-quality digital images, so that doctors can easily assess a patient’s condition without need for preparation or sedation. The ergonomic operation, wireless monitor and recharging and storage station allow doctors to carry out the exam at a comfortable position and distance quickly and accurately. Images can be annotated and stored in memory, and used later during consultation.



Standard cabin luggage design usually employs an extendable handle to roll the luggage. This takes up valuable space and creates an uneven surface in the luggage, which can be annoying when packing the luggage. SINEVASTO gets rid of the conventional handle, and instead, has a laptop compartment that slides against the main body to function as a pull-handle. Without a standard handle, the interior of the luggage is evened out, which facilitates space-efficient packing. The laptop compartment is removable, If required to check in the luggage to the hold, the laptop compartment is detachable.


This laptop compartment can be used on its own and carried on the move for meetings and such. When going through airport security, one only has to open the laptop compartment and slide out the laptop; a top side compartment also enables the removal of toiletries without having to open the main luggage compartment. Furthermore, the luggage has a battery pack at the bottom of the luggage that provides enough power to charge a laptop and other electronic devices. Designed with the needs of a business traveller, SINEVASTO (which means “no waste”) adheres to the philosophy of complete efficiency and user convenience.