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Pre-development & Rapid Learning Cycles

A good patentability search prior to the filing of a patent application can help to:


Save money on a patent application that may be rejected


Know that you have a strong patent that cannot be invalidated by competitors


Secure investments and move through

stage-gates before a patent office examination


Guide the R&D team to concepts that are patentable and can be protected


The search itself is only half of the story.

The other half is understanding the implications of each relevant patent, by everybody, without doubt, without waste of time.


We start by a clear understanding of the new concept, we formulate queries and create a dataset of relevant patent and non-patent literature. Each relevant document is analysed so that WHAT and HOW are clear immediately.


During our presentation, the implications of each relevant record are discussed and we explain if some prior art could be capable to destroying novelty on casting doubts on inventive step.

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