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Who we are

We are a product development and technical problem-solving partner to world-class companies as well as SMEs and start-ups. We offer our services always with a mindset of going the extra mile to deliver beyond expectations because the success of each project is felt as a personal bet. 

We focus on the household appliances, medical devices, tools and equipment, and mechanical systems. We inspire new possibilities by challenging the existing rules. We understand that initially it is necessary to explore solutions both within the current paradigm, and outside the current paradigm.

We have a team of engineers, designers, strategists, and problem-solvers who are both visionaries and pragmatists and who are driven to achieve the best for our customers. Projects are performed by a team of talented people, with an active engagement of our CEO- the entire team sees each project as a personal bet.


Nikos Raftis

The company was founded by Nicos Raftis, a manufacturing engineer by formal training and fundamentally a problem-solver at heart with a keen interest and deep expertise on creativity and thinking skills. He is a graduate from Cambridge University and started his career some 28 years ago as an inventor and entrepreneur.  He has expertise in product strategy, product development, intellectual property, and product industrialization.

We invest the time before the commencement of any project to dive deeply into the key issues to understand and articulate different needs and associated challenges.
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Our capabilities & Sector experience

We work in three main sectors:

  1. Consumer products & household appliances

  2. Medical devices

  3. Tools, equipment and mechanical systems

What makes us different?

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We must first know that we are setting out to do the right thing, and then do it right. What actors truly need, what technology can provide, what competitors are doing, where things are heading. It is only through a rounded examination of multiple perspectives that good decisions can be made.

Clarity through

Focus on what the system does (function) and how it does it, so What-how. View things without jargon. Simplicity reveals hidden and often erroneous assumptions. Simplicity brings out insights and helps to gain consensus.

Seeking knowledge
before decisions

Always asking the question “so what” so that we can guide decision making. We follow the simple axiom, that before we take key decisions we need to fill in any knowledge gaps. But first we need to systematically identify these gaps.

systematic approach

We believe that it is essential that you have confidence that the possibility space is covered thoroughly. To do that we work systematically using guiding frameworks from multiple perspectives.

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We listen carefully to your needs, and we respond in the best way we can. We see relationships not billable hours. We commit to our deliverables at a fixed price wherever possible, so that you can budget and know what to expect- If we need to put in extra effort we will do so.

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Our company ethos

We look at our clients as partners with whom we build long-term relationships. Our commitment is to deliver TRUE VALUE. Our ethos is summarized in taking each project personally, with the desire to go the extra mile to deliver beyond expectations. 

Core value to us are trust, respect, and responsibility. We are committed to delivering what we promise even if it requires much extra effort because we are not guided by the "billable hour", but the value of the end result. 

We work in an efficient manner so that we can be cost-effective in our service without jeopardizing the quality of the end result.

Fists in Solidarity

"We offer our services always with a mindset of going the extra mile to deliver

beyond expectations because the success of each project is felt as a personal bet."

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