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This is about paying attention to details, systematically.  We utilise a structured process for DfMA (design for manufacture and Assembly), target cost, and robust design. Performance, reliability, and cost effectiveness are the elements that drive our efforts. We ensure that the design is fully compliant with all relevant standards, and we maintain clear documentation as required for compliance.


There is very close collaboration with the client’s team who are the experts in their industry and who know their manufacturing processes better than anyone else. Where necessary we can identify suitable contract manufacturers and work closely with them for the design for production of needed parts or sub-systems. Our network of collaborators in Europe and Asia enables us to introduce our clients to reliable suppliers and work with them closely for the production small batches and pre-production runs.

Industrialisation and compliance is not something that we do at the end of the development process. Depending on the scope of a development project, we work with our clients to define the key parameters related to industrialisation, early on, as part of the exploration of true needs. We apply the philosophy of identifying knowledge gaps, doing the work needed to fill those knowledge gaps and then commit to key decisions.


Behind any technological concept or any trend we ask the question “so what?”. The guiding principle is: clarity through simplicity and visual representations that enable us to easily zoom in and out of the details.

Industrial design
& Engineering
& Testing
& Knowledge Gaps
& Compliance
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