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Our Services

From concept to industrialization, we help you create and protect a sustainable competitive advantage

Product development

Products that create

a paradigm shift

Small appliances, washing systems, professional tools, baby products, air purification are some of the areas where we have extensive experience.

Depending on client needs, we work at different stages of the product development process from painting a vision, to pre-development, development, testing, and industrialization.

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Portfolio planning & product strategy

Seeing what others don't &

devising a complete product offering

How can you see what others don't? What are meaningful opportunities aligned with your business strategy and capabilities? What is a balanced portfolio, balancing risk, timeframe, the familiar with the paradigm-shifting concepts? What is an effective product architecture so that first launch is efficient and economical while variants and future expansion is enabled at minimum tooling investment? How can a range of conceptual directions be presented to senior management and build consensus?


These are some of the questions that we answer for you in a practical manner through schematics, renderings, roadmaps, 3D printed models and working mockups.

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Protect your concepts, your design freedom,

& constrain competition to where you want

When it comes to IP strategy, it is not just about patenting a single idea, it is about not allowing competitors viable options. Otherwise, if competitors can have open to them equally good alternatives means of delivering the same benefits to the customer, your patent is worth nothing. Our focus is to protect your advantage. This often means generating many alternatives open to a competitor and advising you how to block them. We guide you from claims outline structure, to invention specifications, to patent figures. 

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problem solving

For those stubborn &

impossible problems

There are problems that often appear impossible. This may be because of contradictions in requirements, or constraints that seem to narrow your options to nothing other than the current solution. We welcome the challenge. We have created a sensing system for hydraulic pumps at less than 1/4 of the previous cost, we have created a pressure calibration system for injection moulding applications for an environment where other than a manual process seemed impossible, and we have enabled multiple product configurations with reduced part count for drainage systems. 

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Image by Kvalifik
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