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Good decisions in technology and product development must take into consideration what competitors are doing,

where the industry is heading, influencing trends and how enabling technologies are developing.

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Patents represent a huge knowledge repository. This knowledge can be used to  show us new principles that can be used to implement

a function, perhaps in other industries. We take a functional approach, search and patents for the purpose of extracting

principles to implement a function. We represent these principles with the outmost simplicity.


We present these principles with illustrations from patent figures together with our ideas on how each principle could potentially be used. This is done in workshops that we facilitate with our client teams.


Our clients find this an extremely valuable way to prepare a fertile ground, so that their team can then examine a range of new possibilities frequently outside their standard directions of thinking.


Using this approach our clients have been able to stimulate effective ideation and generate breakthrough ideas efficiently.

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Function implementation
in other industries

If you are making fuel canisters and want to prevent accidental spillage of fuel

when the canister flips over, what is the difference with a baby drinking cup?

Conceptually none!

We help you to transfer proven concepts!

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Our clients find that during the online workshops with their team, we ask the questions that matter so that meaningful strategic conclusions can be drawn. By combing our analysis with the insights and tacit knowledge that our clients’ team members have we collectively arrive at those insights that can inform important strategic planning. Such strategic planning includes product and technology roadmaps.

Our analysis means that such strategic planning workshops by the client senior management team are less influenced by personal biases, utilise a broad perspective, and are based on hard data.


A broad perspective based on good data leads to good and confident decisions.

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Good decisions in technology and product development must take into consideration what competitors are doing,

where the industry is heading, what are influencing trends, how enabling technologies are developing.


We take a top level view and process large amounts of data so that from data about the past we can making meaningful inferences

about the future. It is never an issue of preparing pretty charts, it is always a question of meaning and interpretation.

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Ensure competitors cannot work around your patents

The value of a patent portfolio depends on how effectively it can prevent competitors from implementing a function of group of functions effectively. If they can find alternative ways around your patent claims without any shortcomings,

then the value of your patents is practically zero.


We put ourselves in the shoes of a competitor, and try to invent around your patent claims. Any meaningful loopholes we find, you inform you to close them with a comprehensive patenting strategy or a suitable amendment of claims before being filed.



From concept to industrialization, we follow a process that ensures that a competitive advantage is secured through new concepts that can operate robustly and can be manufactured economically.

Portfolio planning &
Product strategy

We work with you to build a clear vision and create portfolios that address market segments, that provide options in the short-medium-long term, that span from the familiar to paradigm shifts


IP and product development are considered in parallel. Secure your future design freedom, block competitors, minimize risks,

and maximize value.

problem solving &
radical cost reduction

When things seem to have reached a dead-end, reach out to us. When you need to implement a function at a fraction of the cost, we can help. We use a variety of inventive problem solving tools to eliminate  contradictions and find solutions that work.

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