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Provide real-world examples of our solutions in action. Here, you can explore a collection of compelling case studies that demonstrate the tangible benefits and outcomes our products and services deliver.


WSD - Wash, Sterilize, Dry

An integrated solution for baby articles

This project focuses on addressing the needs of parents to have clean and sterile baby bottles for their babies. There is no product in the market that washes baby bottles and related articles. Currently, the baby bottles need to be washed manually. There is a clear market need for an integrated and improved solution.


Easy & reliable pre-screening of colorectal conditions

AnoPro is a device that is easy to use, enables telemedicine, and expands first diagnosis beyond gastroenterologists and colorectal surgeons.​ GPs and family doctors can now provide reliable first diagnosis to millions of patients. Patients in remote locations can enjoy high quality care. AnoPro is a tool that expands usage and can make life easier for everyone.


Leeway air purification

Easy & reliable pre-screening of colorectal conditions

Minimizing the diffusion of respiratory particles in an office environment and mitigating the risk of airborne transmission of diseases.

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