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Constant Holistic Perspective

Our methodology relies on what we refer to as Constant Holistic Perspective. This means that no key decisions are made in isolation, but always after reconsidering the market side (actors), the competitor side, and the technology side.

Key decisions are made when the knowledge necessary for reliable decision-making is acquired. We identify knowledge gaps and seek to fill them first. It is this discipline that helps to identify and mitigate risks, especially risks from erroneous assumptions.

Methodology Diagram
Image by Lucas Clara

Constant holistic perspective

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We care about the true needs.

We are obsessed about true needs. We use this term so that everyone, in our team and in our client's team, is encouraged to search beyond the surface of what is a first expressed need.


We seek the true needs of our customer, the true needs of our customer's customer, and the true needs of the different actors that engage with the system or product we are called to develop.

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Key decisions & Knowledge gaps

Key decisions are decisions that can have significant impact on product design, are not trivial, and non obvious. Since they bear the greatest risk, we need to be sure that we have the knowledge to make those decisions confidently. We bring knowledge gathering as early as possible in the project, and push decisions as late as possible without jeopardising project milestones.  We define the knowledge gaps that need to be filled before a decision is made and define tasks to fill those knowledge gaps. Most important gaps relate to erroneous assumptions and we pay attention to avoid such erroneous assumptions.

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