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We create a range of directions balanced in short-medium-long

term, evolutionary vs revolutionary concepts.

All are illustrated to highlight the user benefit.

Portfolio planning starts with a clear definition of strategic objectives, and an understanding of competitive positioning. A portfolio can be created from perspective of product functions, product attributes, and target users.

We clearly separate the what is, what could be, and what should be.

“What is” refers to existing client product range, existing competing products in the market, and current user needs.

“What could be” is a systematic exploration of new conceptual directions that we generate and illustrate either as schematic representations, or in 3D CAD or as renderings.“What should be” is a systematic evaluation of alternative conceptual directions, to build a map of a portfolio that can deliver a sustainable competitive advantage.


Product strategy is focused on defining Product Specifications from a holistic strategic perspective. We take a functional orientation, defining first the jobs-to-be-done. Order qualifiers and orders winners are defined separately. A new product needs to have clear positioning and must be developed with clarity about constraints. At the early stages there are many unknows. It is important that these unknowns are articulated and that hidden assumptions are brought to the surface.

Frequently clients need a fresh critical mind to examine a product strategy they already have,

other times they need a structured process that can bring the confidence that all key parameters are considered,

and which can help in building company-wide consensus.


Any solutions we find, we discuss them with the client patent managers and patent attorneys before the filing of a

new patent application. This gives them the opportunity to make the necessary changes or file additional applications

if needed so that a new conceptual direction is fully protected.

Afterall, a new invention can only truly provide a competitive advantage if competitors cannot

find viable alternatives without a significant disadvantage over your direction.



From concept to industrialization, we follow a process that ensures that a competitive advantage is secured through new concepts that can operate robustly and can be manufactured economically.

Portfolio planning &
Product strategy

We work with you to build a clear vision and create portfolios that address market segments, that provide options in the short-medium-long term, that span from the familiar to paradigm shifts


IP and product development are considered in parallel. Secure your future design freedom, block competitors, minimize risks,

and maximize value.

problem solving &
radical cost reduction

When things seem to have reached a dead-end, reach out to us. When you need to implement a function at a fraction of the cost, we can help. We use a variety of inventive problem solving tools to eliminate  contradictions and find solutions that work.

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