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We use a holistic approach for product & technology development  to help you create a sustainable competitive advantage.

We work with our clients to generate

solutions that provide true value.

We become your dedicated technology

partners, solving technical challenges and

delivering a competitive advantage.

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De-risking R&D decisions

We work systematically to generate insights related to true needs. We validate these needs and work holistically to deliver successful solutions based on at attention to “jobs-to-be-done” and inventive problem solving. We are articulate about vision, key decisions, and the knowledge gaps that need to be filled before those decisions can 

be taken confidently, without biases, and without erroneous assumptions.

Benefits of working with us

We bring clarity

through simplicity,

helping to focus

the brief


We de-risk the process.

For every key decision,

knowledge gasps are

identified and filled


You know that the possibility space is thoroughly examined as multiple tools are used to generate

new concepts

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You work efficiently with

people who understand

your challenges and

support decision-making

We make a point to
clarify & validate
true needs
before embarking
on any project.


From concept to industrialization, we follow a process that ensures that a competitive advantage is secured through new concepts that can operate robustly and can be manufactured economically.

Portfolio planning &
Product strategy

We work with you to build a clear vision and create portfolios that address market segments, that provide options in the short-medium-long term, that span from the familiar to paradigm shifts


IP and product development are considered in parallel. Secure your future design freedom, block competitors, minimize risks,

and maximize value.

problem solving &
radical cost reduction

When things seem to have reached a dead-end, reach out to us. When you need to implement a function at a fraction of the cost, we can help. We use a variety of inventive problem solving tools to eliminate  contradictions and find solutions that work.

What Clients Say

"As our work developed and became more complex, there was not enough manpower to cover the needs.

We needed a trusted partner we could rely on. Paradigm Shift has been this partner to

whom we have total confidence about the quality of the service”

How to prepare an
effective NPD brief
Download your FREE copy

Many people often have difficulty in preparing a good brief. Preparing a brief need not take too long. We work with our clients to define a brief after an initial exploration. We can help you shape a brief and if you wish to use that to obtain offers from other agencies, you can do that. You may download this guide to help you with an initial orientation and a basic skeleton for a such exploration.

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Oriented towards your
commercial success

We come from an entrepreneurial background and we understand that commercial success is not the result of a silver bullet. Think of the chain analogy. What determines the strength of the chain is the weakest link. All elements of performance must be satisfied to a good extent, and one or two to a superior extent. For our business these two are the holistic approach and the dedication to our clients success. 


Every aspect of the task is explored to define what is true value and where and how the weakest links of the entire chain can be identified.

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