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We’re Changing the Way the World Thinks About Anoscopy


AnoPro is a device that is easy to use, enables telemedicine, and expands first diagnosis beyond gastroenterologists and colorectal surgeons.​ GPs and family doctors can now provide reliable first diagnosis to millions of patients. Patients in remote locations can enjoy high quality care. AnoPro is a tool that expands usage and can make life easier for everyone. A doctor may have thousands of patient visits that are related to rectal bleeding or other anorectal conditions.​ Most of them are not critical, but it is essential to have fast, easy, and reliable pre-screening during an office visit. Detect early, give patients peace of mind.

The AnoPro system is a complete solution for carrying out a pre-screening diagnostic examination. The disposable speculum prevents contamination. Video and images are transmitted to the tablet, where the doctor can annotate and save data. An integrated insufflation function enables the doctor to get better views by introducing pressurized air.

The Problem

Disposable anoscopes today are primitive tools. The examination is uncomfortable, difficult, and uncertain. There are too

many referrals to full colonoscopy. There is a growing need for a solution that enables rapid and accurate prescreening, particularly for patients under 45 who commonly experience harmless colorectal conditions.

The AnoPro Solution

The AnoPro is a video anoscopy solution that provide easy examination, provides digital images for referencing, enables telemedicine. This is at a very small cost, resulting on overall savings. Introducing a wireless, dual-camera anoscope that prioritizes patient and doctor comfort and convenience. By utilizing micro-cameras, it allows doctors to quickly capture

high-quality digital images without requiring sedation or extensive preparation. Its ergonomic design and wireless monitor enhance the examination experience. While a recharging and storage station ensures seamless operation.

Full System.1036.jpg

Benefits for the doctor

  • Reliable diagnosis performed comfortably without having to adopt awkward postures.

  • Recorded images allow the doctor to clearly explain the condition to the patient during consultation.

  • Collaboration with colleagues remotely for a second opinion.

  • No guesswork and reduced referrals to “just-in-case” colonoscopy due to doubt.

Benefits & Advantages

Two high resolution cameras and insufflation function enable the doctor to have a reliable assessment, conveniently, with minimum patient discomfort, with the ability to maintain records and clearly explain the condition to the patient during consultation.




Disposable Speculums

Disposable speculums are provided in sealed bags, in carton packages of 10 units. Speculums have a special design that provides some flexibility for comfort, and provide full protection from contamination. They are just 12mm diameter and anatomically comfortable. Placement if the speculum onto the probe is extremely simple and fast. Once in place, the speculum locks until it is released by pressing the side buttons on the device. The release pushes the speculum out due to spring biases, and the release is a single-hand operation allowing the used speculum to slight out and into the waste bin.

Bagged speculum white.png
Speculum hands 2.png

IF Design Award

AnoPro has been recognized by winning the 2021 IF Design Award. To learn more about AnoPro's IF Design Award, visit the official award page: 

Check the website:

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