We are a technology consultancy that explores What's Next by  going beyond the current paradigm. We do that in a structured and systematic way. We work on three types of projects:
  1. Development of products and technologies that require a paradigm shift with the aim of changing the dynamics of the market;
  2. Long term planning to explore the future beyond the 5 year horizon;
  3. Solving technological problems where conventional thinking has failed to provide satisfactory solutions.
Taking personal pride

Method, Competence, Drive: The three elements that provide confidence.

Our methodology provides structure. It is systematic yet flexible enough to accommodate the specific needs of each project.

Competence is built on thinking skills rather than domain expertise. These thinking skills include fluency in different levels of abstraction, functional thinking, ability to see the connectedness of things, ability to hold lots of undefined variables long enough until the whole starts to make sense, fluency with different inventive principles, clarity of thinking. And it all starts with noticing. The ability to see what is essentially invisible to most others. We cultivate that by routinely demonstrating what we notice through contrasts. Concepts are shaped by different similarities and similar differences.

Our drive to become better every day and to delight our clients is what enables to go the extra mile. We are not driven by cost accounting, we are driven by the opportunity to excel.

The way we work is based on a passion and years of research work on enhancing creativity in new product development. What is the nature of creativity? What is the role of knowledge in supporting creativity? What are the critical thinking skills? How are these skill taught and honed? How is reflective practice cultivated?

These are the questions that have been the basis of the establishment of our studio. This is also why it is always one of our first concerns to identify the way that people have been thinking about the problem so far. To get different results you need a different way of thinking.